The Sanchez Foundation is a fund of The Community Foundation of Boulder County, formed in 2011 to support a high quality Family Resource and Learning Center at Alicia Sanchez International School. It is guided by an all-volunteer group of community members, Sanchez faculty members, and Sanchez parents and guardians. The foundation’s work is supported by a broad base of local community organizations.

The Sanchez Foundation envisions transforming lives and strengthening the Alicia Sanchez International School community by breaking the cycle of poverty through supporting innovation in education that develops self-sustainable, knowledgeable, open-minded and caring global citizens.

What do we do?

The Foundation helps provide funding for The Sanchez Family Resource and Learning Center, a school-based community center. The Center provides academic and social support for students and families living in poverty.

The Family Resource component connects families in need with local resources to support their students to be successful in school and life.

The Learning Center provides extended learning opportunities for students and adults to help close achievement gaps and positively influence the community.

What do we value?

The Sanchez Foundation values education, service learning, strengthening families, community involvement, partnering with the community, collaboration for a common good, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

How do we do it?

The Foundation raises funds from the local community and welcomes donations of any kind.